Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) residues in food

The Context

Today in Europe there is not a harmonized approach about THC limits if food.
In the European Union, only Germany has applied guidance values for THC in food products. The German guidelines are the most commonly used in Europe, due to the fact that other member states lack their own THC regulation. Albeit the first EU member state to pass regulation on the issue and hemp’s biggest market, in the continent, the German guidance values are too strict and outdated. They are also commonly misunderstood and misused by authorities, resulting in unnecessary and costly controls (causing unnecessary RASFF alerts).

EIHA’s Actions

EIHA asks the European Commission to develop harmonized guidelines for THC in hemp food products to overcome the existing patchwork of national regulations. Harmonized legislation should be applied in all member states. This will guarantee consumer safety and the further expansion of the hemp food industry, attract direct and indirect investments and create new jobs.

To find out more about EIHA position download the position paper here.