20. August 2015 Daniel Kruse

Dear Hemp producer/processor,
Please find below the link to the survey file for the 2015 industrial hemp market study on the 2013 harvest. We kindly request all our members to assist us in this project in order to collectively improve information on the industrial hemp production and utilisation, in Europe.
In order to do so, please answer the three questions in page one and fill in the gaps on page two’s flowchart, and send it back to us as soon as possible. The earlier we collect this information the more time we will have to analyse it properly.
This exercise will help EIHA stand out as a reliable source of information for both its members and the European Commission. The final results will be published at EIHA’s winter 2015 General Meeting.
Please be assured that the individual survey information will be kept absolutely confidential. Only statistics per country and Europe wide will be published.
We thank you in advance for helping us build an accurate picture of the European industrial hemp for Brussels.
Kind Regards,
Luis Sarmento
Download: 15-08-18-Survey-EIHA