Seed market

Dear respondent, on this page you will find some questions regarding your production and sale of hempseeds and hempseed derived products. The deadline for completing the survey is January 15th 2024.

By replying to these questions, you will help us deliver to you a better assessment of the European hemp market. The compiled data at aggregated level will be shared with you as soon as possible. The collection of correct and trusted data will help you have a better vision of your business, but it will also help us better representing your interests in Brussels.

The data will be anonymous: we will not know who sent what. Please, be as precise as possible, fill the questionnaire only once for your company, and reply to all questions.

Your perspective is invaluable. Participating in this survey means you’re not only gaining insights into the market but also contributing to the improvement of our business environment.

For any inquiry, please send an email to

Whole seed

Hempseed oil cake, and proteins

De-hulled seeds