26. October 2003 Daniel Kruse

26 October 2001
The creation of national measures corresponding to the new rules on hemp imports requires major national legislative, administrative and practical changes. As a result, some Member States may not be able to guarantee application of the new rules on the envisaged date, 1 November 2001. The Member States should be granted sufficient extra time to ensure that the rules enter into force at the same time and in the same way, so a new date of 1 May 2002 should be set for application of the new rules. As a consequence, the control measures in force prior to the former date must continue in application until 30 April 2002.
In Article 2 of Regulation (EC) No 1093/2001, the date ‘1 November 2001’ is replaced by ‘1 May 2002’ and the date ‘31 October 2001’ is replaced by ‘30 April 2002’.
document: l_28320011027en00110011.pdf