16. May 2011 Daniel Kruse

All PDF files of the presentations will be uploaded step by step – after release of the speakers. Current stage: May 31st 2011:
1st day, May 18th (10-17:30)
Overview talks
10:00 John Hobson, Hemp Technology Ltd., Great Britain: European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA): Status and Outlook
10:20 Mark Reinders, HempFlax BV, The Netherlands: HempFlax from pioneer to professional
10:45 Michael Carus, nova Institut GmbH, Germany: Hemp fibres for green products – an assessment of life cycle studies on hemp fibre applications
11:05 Olivier Joreau, Interchanvre, France: Presentation of French Hemp Branche: Interchanvre
11:20 Josephine B. Regalado, Fiber Industry Development Authority, Philipine: A Country Presentation: The Philippine Abaca Industry
Research on breeding, harvesting, retting and fibre properties
11:50 Fei-Hu Liu, Yunnan University, China: Nondestructive forecasting of fiber content in hemp bast
13:30 Prof. Ming Yang, Hemp Research Center, Institute of Industrial Crops, YAAS, China: Breeding and cultivation of Industrial Hemp in China
14:00 Giampaolo Grassi, Industrial crop research center (CIN), Italy: Dew retting of hemp in Italy using a new variety and an improved harvesting technique
14:30 Ilze Baltina, Riga Technical University, Institute of Textile Material Technologies and Design, Latvia: Hemp fiber properties and production in Latvia
Bio-Composites – Part I
15:30 Michael Carus, nova Institut GmbH, Germany: Bio-Composites – an overview
16:00 Bernd Frank, Badische Naturfaseraufbereitung GmbH, Germany & Lena Scholz, nova Institut GmbH, Germany: Hemp pelletes for injection moulding
16:30 Steve Allin/Terry Barman, Tokn Hemp Products, Ireland: Hemp Fibre Composites – new developments
17:00 Dr. Johanne Denault, IMI/CNRC, Canada: Fiber treatment, formulation and processing technologies for optimum performance of hemp fibre thermoplastic composites
2nd day, May 19th (9-17:30)
Bio-Composites – Part II
09:00 Pierre Amadieu, Start hemp, France: Long fiber extraction for composite reinforcement and textile yarn
09:30 Matthias Hoornaert, procotex SA Corporation NV, Belgium: UD-Prepreg made from flax fibers for high-performance Eco-Composites. 
The material for a low carbon future.
10:00 Jan Wessels, RWTH Aachen, Institut für Kunststoffverarbeitung (IKV), Germany: Key technologies for the line production of high performance composites on the basis of renewable resources
11:00 Martin Snijder, Green Gran B.V., The Netherlands: ULTRAFIBRE – high performance natural fibre by ultrasound; Green Gran PPT
11:30 Richard Hurding, Zelfo Technology, Germany: Remixed and binderless Zelfo – Natural and recycled fibre products – Bio material of the year 2011
12:00 Prof. Dr. Jörg Müssig, Hochschule Bremen, Germany: Hemp fibres reinforced PLA from cultivation to final product
13:30 Kai Nebel, Reutlingen University, Germany: Micro and nano? – Bastfibres for industrial use? Challenges, production techniques and applications
14:00 Brian Chandler, Acetylated Fibre Ltd., Great Britain: Hydrophobic acylated natural fibres for the manufacture of high performance composites
14:30 Daniel Kruse, Hempro International GmbH & Co. KG, Germany: Update on hemp textiles
Food & Feed
15:15 Daniel Kruse, Hempro International GmbH & Co. KG, Germany: Hemp food in the EU
15:30 John W. Roulac, Nutiva, Canada: North American Hemp Foods Update – Market Drivers and Opportunities
16:00 Gordon Scheifele, Ontario Hemp Alliance, Canada: Fast, inexpensive field test for THC evaluation in the field and field evaluation for fatty acids (OMEGA 3 & 6) in Canadian Hemp Varieties
16:30 Patrick de Ceuster, Wervel vzw, Belgium: Hemp production and transformation in Belgium
17:00 Michael Carus, nova-Institut GmbH, Germany: Safety of hemp for use as animal feed – new report of European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)