3. June 2009 Daniel Kruse

In the following you will find all presentations which are released by the speakers until June, 23th 2009 – it will be updatet step by step:
May, 27th 2009 (10:00-18:00):
Intoductional Session

10:00 Michael Carus (nova-Institut GmbH, Gemany): Welcome – Recent status of EIHA (10-00_Carus.pdf)
10:30 John Hobson: Why hemp should be a crop of the future – EIHA lobbying in Brussels – update on Hemcore (10-30_Hobson.pdf)
11:00 Stephan Piotrowski (nova-Institut GmbH, Germany): Status and outlook on natural fibres in the International Year of Natural Fibres (IYNF) (11-00_Piotrowski.pdf)
11:30 Florian Gerlach (nova-Institut GmbH, Germany): Regional development in Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) of the European Union (11-30_Gerlach.pdf)
Country Reports
11:45 Sylvestre Bertucelli (FNPC, France): The French Hemp Industry: Cultivation, Processing & Applications – Main acteurs in agriculture, industry and branch-framework (11-45_Bertucelli.pdf)
12:15 Nicolas Cerrutti (Institut technique du chanvre, France): ITC: a technical institute in the middle of a federative and innovating network 12-15_Cerrutti.pdf
13:30 Oliver Beherec (FNPC, France): French Varieties of Hemp, multiplication of hempseeds (13-30_Beherec.pdf)
14:00 Michal Tozser (ABM Slovakia s.r.o., Slovakia): New legislation for growing hemp in Slovakia (14-00_Tozser.pdf)
Ariculture: Cultivation, harvesting, Hemp straw & fibre processing
14:30 François Desanlis (experienced hemp farmer, France): Hemp projects, the bottlenecks and some solutions
15:00 J. Paulitz (Ing.büro für Naturfasertechnologien, Germany); G. Rascher; H.-J. Gusovius: High effective harvesting and straw handling technologies to improve competitive situation of bast fibre production
16:00 Phil Warner (Ecofibre Industries Limited, Australia): New approach to hemp processing and handling technologies (16-00_Warner.pdf and 16-00_Warner_Modern_approach_to_hemp_production_in_Australia.pdf)
16:30 Dr. Holger Fischer (Faserinstitut Bremen — FIBRE, Germany): Optimisation of bast fibres for use in industrial production (16-30_Dr._Fischer.pdf)
Hemp for Energy
17:00 John Finnan (Teagasc, Ireland): Hemp: A bioenergy feedstock for Ireland (17-00_Finnan.pdf)
17:30 Jacek Kolodziej (Institute of Natural Fibres & Medicinal Plants, Poland): Hemp shives as a source of energy
May, 28th 2009 (09:00-18:00):
Innovative processing and applications

09:00 Michael Carus (nova-Institut GmbH, Germany): Hemp fibres for industrial applications
09.30 R. Pecenka (Institut für Agrartechnik (ATB), Germany): An alternative processing route for hemp and other natural fibres for economical viable products (09-30_Pecenka.pdf)
10:00 Jason Finnis (Naturally Advanced Technologies, Canada): The Crailar Action Plan: Commercializing technology for the pulp and paper and textile industries (10-00_Finnis.pdf)
11:00 Gerhard Spengler (R+S Technik GmbH, Germany): Natural longfiber multipurpose forming technology
11:30 Albert Dun (Dunagro, The Netherlands) & Stefaan Declerck (van Dommele Enegeneering, Belgium): Dunagro, a new approach to hemp processing (11-30_Dun.pdf)
12:00 Graupner, Nina & Prof. Dr. Müssig, Jörg (University of Applied Sciences Dept. for BIOMIMETICS / Biological Materials, Germany): Press moulded hemp fibre reinforced PLA composites – influence of fibre mixture and processing technique (12-00_Graupner.pdf)
12:30 Dr. Hubert Schmid (IST Innovative Sintering Technologies LtD., Switzerland): Fibreshape – innovative system for characterizing of natural fibres (14-15_Hubert_Schmid.pdf)
Hemp for Food
14:00 Daniel Kruse (Hempro International GmbH & Co. KG, Düsseldorf): Hemp-Food-Booklet / Marketing tools made by EIHA (14-00_Kruse.pdf)
14:30 Anndrea Hermann (Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, Canada): Update of the canadian hemp industry (15-15_Hermann.pdf)
15:00 Kelley C. Fitzpatrick (Canada): The health properties of hemp support its use in the european food and supplement markets
15:30 Gordon Scheifele (Ontario Hemp Alliance & Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, Canada): National and interantional canadian industrial hemp grain variety characterization/development project