21. August 2006 Daniel Kruse

The EIHA-database is now ready to use and already online!
Today you will find only very few information in the database, but we will feed the database during the next months with more and more data. During october/november we have a student from Finland. She we will feed the database with all studies I have!
Of course every member can also feed the database. But I would prefer to have a training before. As soon as I will meet members, I will train them!
Please edit and update your own user data!
Please go to “User (internal)” and check and update your user data including the password!
Attention: You have two email-addresses, one for the internal communication in EIHA and another external visible for every visitors of our Webpage.
You can also add information about your company/institution
Some members are responsible for their country – they also can add some information about EIHA, hemp status in their country – please in German, Italian, French and so on – this is for EIHA interested persons from your country!
You can also use the notice board for internal communication – it is easy, please try.
You can also send emails to others or all members using the database (see “send e-mails (internal)).
You can “play” with the database – if you create “crazy” documents, it is easy for me to delete them later (the documents are only visible internal – only a few members are allowed to put them to “external”). If you want to feed the database with documents, please be carefull with the “index” – better wait for the next training.
The main future internal communication will happen here – and not via email. So please login at least one time a month. If there are new hot information, I will inform you via email to login.
Best regards
Michael Karus
Managing Director of EIHA