28. January 2010 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of EIHA,
please find below a request of InCrops Enterprise Hub.
Best regards,
Dominik Vogt
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Dear Dominik,
Would you be able to give me an advice on fibre unification. What technology exists to produce fibres of unified length, is it a cutting or sorting technology.
We have been asked by a collaborating organisation if there is a technology to separate difference length natural fibres and sort it in same length, e.g. like for making textile. This information is required urgently by tomorrow. I would be very grateful if you could help either by giving advice of by referring to an expert in this field.
Thank you very much in advance, Liliya
Please note that I work Monday to Thursday
Liliya Serazetdinova, Business Innovation Manager
InCrops Enterprise Hub
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