11. January 2008 Daniel Kruse

The idea of founding the first Virtual Czech Virtual Hemp Museum was iniciated by great public interest in this very old arable and industrial crop – Cannabis sativa L. – Hemp. So we would like to introduce this general-purpose plant to the public using currently the fastest and the most available way. Before launching the virtual museum project we tried to get financial resources and a proper building for ordinary museum. But finally we have chosen the most simple and possible way and we hope it will be the most effective way as well.
Nowadays we are in a phase of gathering and processing the information and data that are to be placed step by step in our originating museum.
Simultaneously, we would like to ask You – our dear visitors and friends of this extraordinary plant – for your help with searching for another interesting documents, information and materials not only contemporary ones but also from the historical ones. We believe we will together create an interesting virtual place where You can find everything about cultivation and utilization of the technical (industrial) hemp in the Czech Republic and all the world since long times ago till nowadays.
So please contact us if You are interested in Cannabis sativa and if You would like to help us and participate in this unique project.
Many thanks and we wish You and us a good luck in our common effort.
Marie Široká
Chairperson of the Czech Hemp Association
Janovska 374
109 00 Praha 10
The Czech republic
e-mail: siroka@konopi.info
web: www.konopi.info