14. August 2014 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of the EIHA,
Please find below a request of Teodor Mechkarov (tmechkarov@gmail.com) from Bulgaria.
He is looking for a THC lab.
Please contact him directly.
Best regards,
Johannes Zingsheim
Hello Mr. Vogt,
My name is Teodor Mechkarov, owner of Industrial Hemp Farms Bulgaria Ltd.
I am running a small experimental crop in Bulgaria this year and our authorities have just collected a sample of my crop, following the norms of Regulation 1122/2009.
However, we have a problem with finding an accredited THC lab, where we can test the sample. There is no such lab in Bulgaria, so we need to find one in other EU countries. Do you happen to know from your experience any such lab in EU, possibly somewhere near to Bulgaria?
I will be grateful for any useful hints or contacts. Thanks a lot in advance.
With kindest regards,
Teodor Mechkarov
E-mail: tmechkarov@gmail.com
Phone: + 32 466 229 456
Skype: roger…waters