8. May 2019 Daniel Kruse

The European Industrial Hemp Association is announcing a call for proposals on an Europe-wide survey “Status hemp 2018” on cultivation figures, raw materials and applications. This includes the following key points:

  • A special software tool for an online survey was created for the survey. Company and country data can be entered and evaluated here. This is the basis for the survey: http://nova-cloud.info/survey/index.php/795255 – You are welcome to test the online tool; before the actual survey starts, all data can be reset.
  • The task now consists of identifying all hemp raw material producers and importers and motivating them to take part in the online survey by e-mail, telephone or direct contact.
  • These are, of course, all companies in EIHA, but also others that are not members.
  • The survey should start before the summer break in June 2019, and be completed and evaluated by 30 November. The evaluation is carried out largely automatically via the existing software.
  • As an added value, the companies receive a comprehensive evaluation of the results, which goes beyond the press release.
  • The aim is to record 80-90% of hemp cultivation areas and their raw material flows in Europe in the year 2018. The data can come from individual companies or entire countries.
  • We expect from the supplier a concept how the project can be handled and a financial offer.

Please send your offers to dominik.vogt@eiha.org. Deadline for submissions: 31 May 2019
Kind regards,
Lorenza Romanese
Executive director of EIHA