10. May 2012 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of the EIHA,
As you may be aware EIHA is currently involved in some intensive lobbying in Brussels in support of the industrial hemp industry.
So far we have had a positive response and various departments in the EU Commission have asked us for more detail on the present state of the industrial hemp industry in Europe. In order to give them an accurate report we would kindly ask you to complete the attached survey and return to EIHA as soon as possible.
It is in your interest that you complete this form as accurately and as quickly as possible, we have a good chance under a reformed CAP of getting the help we need from Brussels.
Please be assured that the individual survey returns will be kept absolutely confidential. Only statistics per country will be published.
Our last survey carried out in 2007 is too out of date, it is essential that we promote hemp with concrete statistics. The objective is to have an accurate vision of what Europe is producing and so target the help where we feel there is a demand.
We thank you in advance for your help in building an accurate picture for Brussels on the European industrial hemp industry.
When you have completed the survey, please fax it back to the nova-Institute +49 (0) 2233-48-14 50, or send it by e-mail at alexandre.kauffmann@nova-institut.de
Best regards
Alexandre Kauffmann
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