22. April 2016 Daniel Kruse

Managing Director

European Industrial Hemp Association
Michael Carus is managing director of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) and founder and managing director of the nova-Institute, researchers and consultants on the bio-based and CO2-based economy. A physicist, Michael is the main author of a wide range of basic reports and policy papers on the bio-based economy in the EU.
HempToday: How would you describe the current shape of Europe’s hemp markets?
Michael Carus: We’ve seen the market continue steady growth. Just look back to 2011 when we had 8,000 hectares in European hemp fields. That figure was 25,000 in 2015, so you can see the dynamics. This won’t stop any time soon. Of course, I would like to see 100,000 hectares in Europe. But overall, the industry is on a good path. I expect double-digit growth per year in the near future — mainly from seed demand, and CBD, depending on regulation.
HT: What else is driving the growth of hemp planting?
MC: A big part of it is the coming online of new players. The Baltic countries, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and others. It means almost all EU countries are now into hemp cultivation, most of it seed for food.
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