22. April 2014 Daniel Kruse

Dear Member of the EIHA,
please find below request of Dubble Kessler dubble@hemptronix.com regarding CBD and/or HCHO Oil.
Please contact him directly.
Von: Dubble Kessler
Betreff: Seeking knowledge
Datum: 20. April 2014 04:18:36 MESZ
An: “dominik.vogt@eiha.org”
Greetings Dominik,
My name is Dubble and I am contacting you today in hopes that you may be able to provide me with the names of any of your European members that are High Cannabidiol Hemp Growers and /or HCHO Oil Processors that I might be able to purchase from.
Thank you, Dubble
Dubble Kessler
Best regards,
Michael Rachfahl