18. September 2015 Daniel Kruse

Sveinung Wittington Tengelsen swt@consultant.com from Norway is seeking chemist/chemurgist with Industrial Hemp experience for hemp-boat project:
Dear Dominik,
Thank you very much for your kind reply. It is very clear that Industrial Hemp has a huge untapped potential as a raw material for building boats and all their interior features, which over time can help the global maritime market to transition from using poisonous and unsavoury hydrocarbons like GRP/glassfiber to use renewable, bio-friendly and recyclable carbohydrates instead – which must happen everywhere if our currently moribund culture is to continue, sustainably.
Ideally, a company should be established dedicated to chemurgical R&D of materials and material processing technologies directly aimed at the needs and demands of the maritime market*. This company would produce materials which can replace all hydrocarbon-based materials used in and on <80′ boats (i.e. most private yachts) – not just for constructing boat hulls but also making salt-resistant rigging/cordage, textiles for furniture/carpeting, water tanks and conduits (á la Viktor Schauberger!**) – everything which must go into the making of a seaworthy, rugged, environmentally friendly and organic-feeling vessel.. a Boat v.2.0.
What is described here is naturally a serious undertaking requiring solid funding to establish a state-of-the-art lab/workshop and attract highly skilled chemurgists, engineers and industrial designers to work their magic, make what we want and what’s needed. Being a R&D/technology company it wouldn’t make any products itself (except for demonstration prototypes) but partner with maritime companies/boat builders who would benefit from using our materials in manufacturing their products instead of the toxic gunk they currently use – a win-win scenario for everyone concerned, not least the end users/consumers and nature herself (which we no longer can pretend we’re not 100% part of..)
-If you have any thoughts on how to realise this exciting vision, I’d be most grateful for a constructive reply.
* The materials developed will naturally be usable on Terra Firma as well, expanding the market considerably.
** His work and science is central to the freshwater/propulsion technologies our project is to develop, as is G. W. Carver’s chemurgical philosophy. We expect to see some rather impressive synergistc effects in joining these two.

Best Regards,
Sveinung Wittington Tengelsen
Project Developer/Communicator
Eilert Sundts gt. 55
0355 Oslo, Norway
Mobile +(00)47 91 53 26 27
Sveinung Wittington Tengelsen <swt@consultant.com>