27. April 2012 Daniel Kruse

Dear all,
Brittany Reilly wrote a request regarding 50 large hemp plants for a large installation art at Kassel, Germany.
Please contact her directly: reilly.k.britt@gmail.com
Best regards
Dominik Vogt
Dear Mr. Dominik Vogt,
My name is Brittany and I work for an artist. We are doing a large installation art project in Kassel, Germany – it is a type of garden, and we would like the include about 50 large hemp plants on the site.
I spoke to mr. Jace Calloway at the University of Finland and he suggested that I research your organization – the European Industrial Hemp Association.
Today I called your office and spoke to your collegue named Stephan. He now has my email address and said he would send me the names of some farmers and people growing large hemp plants near Kassel Germany.
We would like to purchase about 30-50 already grown hemp plants that are at least 2.5 meters high
I would really appreciate if you or Stephan could email me or call me with contacts!
Thank you
Brittany Reilly