11. October 2011 Daniel Kruse

Dear all,
please find below a request of Jacqueline Rodzen (
jrodzen@rams.colostate.edu). Please respond to her directly.
Best regards,
Dominik Vogt (nova Institute)
Hi there,
I am from Colorado in the United States. Our state has made medical marijuana legal, causing medical marijuana dispensaries to open in the dozens. These dispensaries only want the bud of the hemp plant, meaning the rest of the plant gets thrown away. Under Colorado State regulation & legislation, the dispensaries are required to destroy the remains, and put them in the garbage can. Destroying the hemp takes time, and disposing of it takes money. I would like to create a company that picks up the left over hemp, and makes something of it.
My question is: is there a way to make use of/recycle medical marijuana scraps? Is there a possibility to make a company that either sells the leftovers to a hemp company, or makes textiles out of the material.
Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.
Warm Regards,
Jacqueline Rodzen