6. January 2014 Daniel Kruse

Dear all,
On December 31st David Gawitt (gadcorp@aol.com) from the US sent us a request on CBD – please see below… perhaps you may help him…
We were referred to you by John Hobson at the EIHA. We hope that you can help us.
Our group wishes to purchase high-CBD Hemp Oil from the whole plant. This oil must NOT be from seed and have CBD (Cannabidiol) concentrations of no lower than 6% with a preferred concentration of 15% or higher and a THC content of no higher than .3% in order to comply with international importation laws. We require getting as high of a percentage of CBD as can be obtained on a contracted, monthly or weekly basis. We wish to create a long-term agreement between us here. As this will be used as a medication, we must request that this hemp be grown without the use of pesticides (like Roundup!) and be able to be certified as coming from an “Organic” source.
If you are a farmer or purveyor of hemp and do not supply this oil already, we may be able to offer you an extra revenue stream if we are able to purchase and use your extra stalks and leaves instead of your composting them. We can also help by supplying the necessary, qualified personnel to convert this to oil from the plant.
If you do not have the proper strains of hemp to maximize the CBD concentrations, we may be able to arrange for the supply of proper seed-stock to you with which to grow this product for this coming year and for other years.
We are planning to come to Europe to meet with several potential partners or sellers in January, 2014 and would like to begin talks with growers and/or suppliers immediately. We will also schedule traveling to other territories toward the end of January 2014 to meet with potential partners there as well.
If you have or can arrange the supply of Top-quality CBD Oil, we wish to speak with you as soon as possible.
We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
David Gawitt
Gadco, LLC
Denver Colorado
Cell: 203-621-4797