23. June 2014 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of the EIHA,
Mari Elfving info@hampvaruhuset.se from Sweden is interested in hemp-plastic composites for building applications. Please find his email below and contact him directly:
“We are building a geodesic green house dome and we would like to use hemp plastic in the construction, it would be perfect if we can use hemp plastic for the framework of the dome because of it’s strength durability and environmental properties. We are also intressted in using the plastic for our outer panels to protect our insulation from the elements.
We would need 105 metres of it with two separate lengths consisting of “L1,6440cm, B45cm, H95cm” and “1,4360cm, B45cm, H95cm”.
For the panels we would need about 34m2 of plastic sheets.)
We also have some questions:
How strong is it in pressure measurements? How long does the plastic last? Is it waterproof? How long will it take to ship it to us? „
Michael Rachfahl