20. August 2013 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of the EIHA,
please find below a request of Mr. Robert Kimes concerning industrial hemp: r.kimes@siglobal.co
Best regards
Thank you for your quick response.
My company has the opportunity to grow up to 1,500 hectares of industrial hemp and we will be looking to start operations in winter this year and plant in spring of 2014.
We will be looking to locate and secure/ and purchase a supply of Low THC seeds to be able to plant up to 100-300 hectares the first season.
We will also be in need of acquiring harvesting equipment, a D8 static Decorticator, Degumming Vats/Equipment, and cotton openers, and Carding Machines to tease and align the fibers.
We are very interested in marketing our fibers to the local textile markets as well as selling abroad to open textile markets.
We are also very interested in supplementing the local feedstock markets with the seed as well as using the Hemp Hurds in Building Hempcrete.
Thank you for whatever direction and help you can offer
Warm regards
Robert Kimes
+49 176 72189929 Germany
+260 969973435 Zambia
+971 527058486 Dubai
+760 710 7607 Los Angeles
Skype: robert.kimes22
Robert Kimes r.kimes@siglobal.co