21. March 2014 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of the EIHA,
please find below a request regarding Hemp Sprayers from Gerard Webb gerard.webb@biomimicrygermany.de.
A PDF with all the details is attached.
Best regards,
Johannes Zingsheim
Hey Johannes,
We are working on a way to automate the use of Hemp Sprayers and looking for persons that have developed (or are wishing to develop) a system, that are interested in collaborating. We have expertise in the use of robotic systems.
The PDF attached explains it all.
Kind Regards
Gerard Webb

Mr. Gerard Webb (CTO)
Co-Founder Biomimicry Germany
phone: +49 15 23 18 94 553
mail: gerard.webb@biomimicrygermany.de
skype: gedw99
web: www.BiomimicryGermany.de
Biomimicry Germany e.V. | Amtsgericht Charlottenburg Berlin | VR 32225 B
Präsident: Dr. Arndt Pechstein
Vorstand: Dr. Prateep Beed | Gerard Webb
file: Request_for_expression_of_interest_-_Integration_of_HempCrete_sprayer_with_augmented_robotics.pdf