7. December 2011 Daniel Kruse

Dear Member of the EIHA,
please find attached a request of Mr. Ronchetti:
Please respond to him directly. Thank you very much.
We are looking for good quality hemp shives for construction purposes to be shipped to north Italy.
Quality: hemp shiv have to be clean without any dust or fiber – packed in 150 or 200 liters bags
Quantity: minimum 3 full trucks (33 pallets each) – with increasing quantity over the next 6 months
Delivery: as soon as possible
Please forward my request to EIHA associates. For any answers, you can find my contact details below.
Thank you very much in advance for your support.
Kind regards,

Paolo Ronchetti
General Manager
Equilibrium Srl
Via Mons. Moneta 12
23900 Lecco
Tel. +39 0341 171 6087
Mob.+39 327 065 7074
Fax +39 0341 188 1047
Email paolo.ronchetti@equilibrium-bioedilizia.com
Web www.equilibrium-bioedilizia.com