27. February 2013 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of the EIHA,
well, the summary of the request of Mr Silva (jsilva@beruca.com) from Portugal is that he is searching for industrial hemp seeds…
I think any further help for him is very much appreciated.
Thank you very much.
Joaquim João R. Silva
R. Dr. Matias Costa, nº8 – Buarcos
3080-289 Figueira da Foz
Cel +351 961140586
Email: jsilva@beruca.com
Dear Mr. Dominik Vogt
I want to contact the “European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)” to
see if you could give me some start up help. I not currently a member, I
currently cannot afford the cost, and have no company yet. I hope you
might give me some help about some prospects that I am looking for
especially where I could buy certified hemp seeds. I wrote a similar
letter to this one to the hempflax company in Holland.
I want to write a business plan about a company that will solve the
problem of unavailability of certified hemp seeds in Portugal. There
seems to have been some atempts in the past to grow crops, but currently
there are no farmers or processing companies.
Summary about myself
Currently took up endeavor to write a business plan for creating an oportunity for self-employment, eventually build a agriculture related company. Around where I live
there is great demand for wood to supply local big paper mills(soporcel,altri), which often is eucalyptus.
The problem I want to help solve is giving local farmers oportunity to
benefit from hemp growing and processing. It seems that most of your
associated members have been able to do this. There is a lack of
authorized seed sources and hemp straw processors. You need to test and
adjust possible variables of cultivation and harvesting.
I searched and compiled several laws and procedures on the practise of
growing hemp in Portugal. Since the seeds of Cannabis Sativa is a
controled seed, it poses some problems to a general use of them. The
agency that’s responsible for it, gives a 90 Euro ton subsidy for the
straw, up to 1500 tons (nationwide). For farmers to qualify they need a
contract with a hemp straw buyer, and to trade or buy seeds that are
certified hemp seeds. They just tell you that you can buy them in
France. There is no place to sell hemp straw in Portugal. For other uses
of hemp products besides straw, you need aditional autorization from the
Medicine Agency. If you get certified seeds and have land to plant them,
you would need to inform the local police, the agriculture agency and
Judiciary police.
If I wanted to become a certified grower and supplier of hemp seeds, I
would need to follow a complex set of pre-determined rules for
reproducing certified seeds, and have to show good conditions that I
could do it in the first place. If I just bought seeds and resold them I
could do it by keeping the agency up to date of every process and making
the new labeling and packaging tamperproof thus keeping the seeds
certified in the chain, then I might then be able to import and
distribute them to farmers. I would be interested in starting this
business in my area and wanted to ask I there was a way to buy from you
certified seeds and import them to Portugal. Can you refer me to
certified seeds dealer?.
Cordially yours,

Joaquim João Silva