7. April 2011 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of hte EIHA,
please find attached a request of our Member Talis Laizans (talis.laizans@gmail.com).
Best regards,
Dominik Vogt (EIHA)
Dear Dominik,
Due to my (actual hemp cluster Project in Latvia) I am having request to EIHA regarding hemp seeds for research needs.
We woud like to have 2 year research program with different varieties.
One research institition will do research with 3 varieties (USO 31, Bialobrzeskie, Finola), second researcher – with 20 cultivars (USO 31, Bialobrzeskie, Finola and the number of other cultivars).
Do you (EIHA) have any suggestion how to arrange supply of such list of seed “material”, if we need 5 kg each of USO 31, Bialobrzeskie, Finola and 2,5 kg of other 15-17 cultivars.
There are theseother cultivars: Beniko, Epsilon 68, Fedora 17, Felina 32, Futura 75, Futura 77, Santhica 27, Santhica 70, Delta-llosa *ES 171 , Ferimon *DE 4668 , Finola *FI 6157 , Monoica *CZ 666, *HU 15132, USO 31, USO-15, Uniko-B, ‘Novosadska Konoplja, Wielkopolskie.
Do you know any company within EIHA or EU who is having in their storehause majority of European hemp cultivars – seeds?
Could EIHA support such research project, eg EIHA members could supply us with such samples of seed (2,5 – 5 kg) for research needs?
Could EIHA provide us with some “support” letter?
Main issue is the timing. Actually this is “last minut” decision and due to that we would appriciate EIHA ideas and support very much.
Do you any ideas how we could obtain these hemp seeds?
Talis Laizans
Mob. +371 2945 9728
e-p: talis.laizans@gmail.com