13. September 2012 Daniel Kruse

Dear all,
today I received the following request sent by Paolo Ronchetti (paolo.ronchetti@equilibrium-bioedilizia.com). His company would like to build up a distribution network for hemp food/oil and they are looking for suppliers of seeds…
Dear Domink,
As you know we are leading company in Italy in the hemp building sector. Our brand is increasingly getting visibility through newspapers, magazines, radio, tv, conferences and exhibitions.
We are working towards entering the hemp food market and we are looking for hemp food suppliers. Therefore we would like to receive offers from EIHA associates for a full range of products, e.g. oil, seeds, flour, proteints, etc. Could you please provide me with contact in order to ask for a quote with prices varying according to quantities both bulk and retail private labelled?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,

Paolo Ronchetti
General Manager
Equilibrium Srl
Via Mons. Moneta 12
23900 Lecco
Tel. +39 0341 171 6087
Mob.+39 327 065 7074
Fax +39 0341 188 1047
Email paolo.ronchetti@equilibrium-bioedilizia.com
Web www.equilibrium-bioedilizia.com