18. May 2015 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of the EIHA,
Wilfried F.R. Scheuer from Morocco (gfs.ifni@yahoo.com) is looking for industrial hemp seeds.
Please read his complete request below for more details.
Best regards,
Johannes Zingsheim
We are looking for suppliers for industrial hemp seeds, to produce BIO-hemp oil and hemp fibers.
Can anyone deliver seawater-resistant varieties of hemp? It is said, there are already seawater-resistant varieties of hemp around!?!
Which Super Absorbent Polymers for water storage are non-toxic, therefore suitable for organic farming? – Can anyone advise?
Thank you folks!
Best regards
Wilfried F.R. Scheuer
Visionaire * CEO * Business Development
MASS – Moroccan-Austrian Service Systems, sarl
85200 Sidi Ifni
Kingdom of Morocco
GSM: +212 661 500 435
GSM: +212 620 420 925
E-Mail: gfs.ifni@yahoo.com