14. May 2015 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of the EIHA,
Gabriel Gualteros (gabe.gualteros@gmail.com) is looking for different industrial hemp seed varieties for test planting.
Best regards
Johannes Zingsheim
We would like to chat with you about our project in the US for test plots for approved cultivation of industrial hemp seed.
We are currently working with a few states on the sample plot planting of industrial hemp seed and we would like to know if you can assist us in acquiring additional cultivars for our testing. We are planting 10 plots of 200 ac each over the balance of this year. We are testing varieties, strains, characteristics and viability in different soils and conditions.
We are looking to get a few bags of Seed cultivars that we can use for our test planting this harvest we would greatly appreciate any of your support.
Thank you
Gabriel Gualteros
Arado Produce LLC.
10 Stevens Street
Suite 1285
Andover, Massachusetts 01810