2. December 2014 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of the EIHA,

Please find below a request of Jamie Horn from the USA (jamie.horn1@gmail.com).
He is interested in importing hemp for oil extraction.
Please contact him direcly.
Best regards
Johannes Zingsheim

Hi Dominik,
I’m interested in extracting oil from Hemp, specifically CBD.  I understand a number of companies in the US are importing Hemp from northern Europe and then doing the extractions here in the USA (most of those I’ve heard of are CO2 extractions).
Are you able to put me in touch with anyone in Europe who is exporting Hemp for this primary purpose, for someone to extract out the oil from the plant to get CBD?  I’d like to understand what it might take and cost me to import Hemp for this same purpose.  I am a small company, so I would not be starting off with large quantities most likely (especially as I test out the market with my products).
I appreciate any helpful direction you could point me in.
Many thanks,