14. August 2015 Daniel Kruse

Dear members,
You are welcome to help Owen odriscollowen@gmail.com from Ireland. Please see below.
To whom it may concern , I am contacting you as I have been working for some time on a proposal to start processing hemp in Ireland at a commercial level. I’ve meet with the Government Minister (Simon Coveny)in this area and he has also seen my proposal, as this will take a substantial approval in order to make it work . His aids have also passed it along the required channels and the reactions are good .  I also have the support of Enterprise Ireland to explore the possibility further as the there is very large tillage land in our area. But I have reached a problem that at this stage the powers that be would like me to visit a working facility. It was my intention to travel to Germany in May of the year but due to other commitments I was not able(got married;) . I was hoping to meet some other processors  there and get some commercial leads, info and hopefully an offer to visit a working plant. I’m hoping that your organisation might be able to help me with developing the hemp industries in Ireland and maybe a possible lead in to working facility so that solidify my knowledge, see it working and get the seed planted so we can start processing properly in Ireland
Many thanks
Owen O Driscoll