9. April 2008 Daniel Kruse

dear EIHA members,
today I got the following request:
Dear Sirs,
We are a spanish company, manufacturers of fabrics intended for solar protection (awning, parasols,etc) and other industrial fabrics.
We are currently working with manmade fibres, basically acrylic and polyester. Following the necessary trend for sustainable and environmentally friendly products we are investigating in order to swift from the chemical-based fibre to natural ones.
After a preliminary investigation we have found that, according to the tradition the most suitable fibre for our range of products is hemp for its durabilityin outdoor use.
In order to go ahead with the development we would appreciate if you could give us technical information of hemp fibre for textile use, basically the physical, mechanical and chemical properties. Also contacts with yarn manufacturers will be of use.
Thank you very much for your attention.
Francesc Mañosa
Tech Dept.
Citel S.L.
08202 Sabadell – Spain