29. January 2010 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of EIHA,
please find attached a request of Phystone Investment Group. It’s about
buying the industrial seeds & straw.
For details see below please.
Best regards,
Dominik Vogt
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Dear Sirs,
As a way of introduction, my name is Aline Farah and I am the Sales & Marketing Manager at Phystone Investment Group.
My Company, Phystone, is an investment bank advisory boutique servicing GCC and Levant’s corporate businesses, on financial and operational restructuring.
Phystone has a very strong presence in the Middle East, with its headquarters in Lebanon, and serves as a gateway between MENA region investment opportunities and global private equity investors.
As part of our industrial work, Phystone has launched a new project in Lebanon in collaboration with UNDP “The Agriculture of Industrial Hemp”.
Numerous studies have revealed the capacity of Lebanon in cultivating industrial hemp and producing high quality of yield.
Moreover, Phystone will be involved in each section of the value chain of the project; i.e. farming, harvesting, processing etc. even launching hemp products.
As you already know the sales & marketing sections are crucial for the success of our project;
hence here you can assist by providing us valuable information which will help evaluate the market and decide how to proceed with this project.
To this effect, we are collecting data on three commercial outputs:
– Seeds for export.
– Straws for export.
– Omega 3 capsules for Lebanon & GCC
and would like to receive your favorable comments on the below list:
1. Will you be interested in buying our industrial seeds & straw?
2. Would you have any specifications for the seeds? and would you order them organic or conventional?
3. At what price would you will be interested to buy the seeds? Straws?
4. How much quantity would you order on average per year? (Seeds & straws)
In the end, we would like to express our deep gratitude and appreciation for your kind help and we hope in the near future we will be able to engage in a fruitful business that will be a win-win situation for both parties. Thank you again for providing us with such valuable information.
We will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards
Aline Farah
Sales & Marketing Manager
Phystone Investment Group
Beirut Central District
Tel: + 961 1 999089
Fax: + 961 1 999289
Contribution from: Dominik Vogt, nova-Institut GmbH, E-Mail: dominik.vogt@eiha.org