15. May 2012 Daniel Kruse

Dear Member of the EIHA,
please find below a request from Australia. Please reply directly Shaun Bailey (shaun.bailey@planetfibre.com.au) and Paul Benhaim (paulbenhaim@gmail.com).
Thank you very much for your support!
Food Standards Australia and New Zealand are currently finalizing a submission to allow low THC hemp seed to be used as food and they have some additional questions in which some of our EIHA members, particularly those with hemp seed experience may be able to answer. The questions are in the attached document.
We only have a short window of opportunity to respond, so If our EIHA members are able to provide some answer to the attached questions by the Thursday 24th of May 2012 by return e-mail to myself, that would be greatly appreciated.
My email details are shaun.bailey@planetfibre.com.au and paulbenhaim@gmail.com
Kind Regards,
Shaun Bailey
Managing Director
Planet Fibre Industries Pty Ltd
PO Box 357, SWAN HILL 3585
Victoria, Australia
Phone/Fax +61 3 5032 1622
Mobile +61 418 966 173
file: A1039_Questions_for_industry_stakeholders_-_May_2012.pdf