3. July 2013 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of the EIHA,
our member Alexander Kuchinsky kuchinsky@rushemp.org has a question concerning the storage of hemp. Please see below.
Good day!
Dear colleagues, I need some help.
The time of hemp harvesting is soon and stalks storage is actual question at present moment.
Few manufacturers have the opportunity to store stalks under a roof.
Please tell me, in your experience, what kind of material is suitable for the protection stalks from moisture (protect from moisture but miss the wind).
What kind of material do you use?
Thanks in advance
Faithfully yours,
Kuchinsky Alexander
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The Association of Russian Hemp Manufacturers
build.1, 38 Horoshevskoe shosse, Moscow 123007,
Russian Federation
Reply of John Hobson
Dear Alexander,
Hemp must be baled dry to start with and then it must be stored under cover, inside a barn or similar. A Dutch type barn is OK, that is one with just a roof and no sides. This will allow air to pass through but will keep the rain or snow off. The most important thing is to bale the hemp at a moisture content of 16% or less.
Hope this helps,