18. March 2008 Daniel Kruse

Dear members of EIHA,
please find attached an e-mail written by Mr. Per Hall, Sweden. He tries to find some buyers for hemp fibres…
Hello Dominik,
Thank you for a very pleasant conversation earlier today. As I mentioned, I am the CEO / Project Manager for a company called BioCompoTech AB, you can read more about our contribution to a more sustainable planet at www.biocompotech.com. A new site is being developed, the current one was done when the project was started 1,5 years ago but the business idea is still the same.
I came to work for the company as a result of my interest of hemp and its many applications. Being an entrepreneur my task at BioCompoTech is to find market opportunities for our bio composite material. This is a part time engagement for me.
My private company, PlanetPeople AB was founded with a goal to become a leading supplier of sustainable solutions for companies. I do management consultation from the perspective that corporate financial sustainability is built on a sustainable planet with sustainable people. From the “Five Capitals Model” I help my clients survey their sustainability in human capital, social capital, natural capital, financial capital and manufactured capital. I use a proprietary survey solution that measures sustainability in above areas as well as implementing change programs.
I have many hemp fibre producers in my network and the main issue for the Swedish producers is to find a market for their fibre. In an effort to support the hemp industry, as well as to create a business opportunity, I am considering creating a hemp trading platform. This will serve a multitude of purposes but mainly creating an avenue for Swedish growers to market their products. This platform could very well be extended to include hemp growers from other countries as well.
In order to do this I (PlanetPeople AB) would need to get in contact with potential buyers of fibre to discuss market opportunities and possibilities for long term supply contracts.

I hope that you can help me and point me in the right direction.
With best regards,
Med vänliga hälsningar,
Per Olof Hall
Planet People AB unb
T: +46 (0)40 692 8565
M: +46 (0)70 664 5445
E-Mail: po.hall@planetpeople.se