20. February 2017 Daniel Kruse

We would like to move forward with this project.  If anyone has any advice or input for us, it is greatly appreciated. Hopefully, with the right information, we’ll be able to start planting in France this spring. Thanks again for your assistance.
Here are the specific questions that we have at this stage:
What does hemp sell for at 15% CBD?
What is the terpene value by dry weight?
What does CBD oil sell for at 70% purity?
What is the average cost per mg. in the EU distribution area at retail cost?
Are the strains that are being currently grown in France (or the EU in general) patented?
How do we create a patent for our seed in Europe and how much would that process cost?
What is the market value of full-spectrum, whole-plant hemp extact? What are the ranges from high to low for the highest quality organic products? What is the current valuation of wholesale oil, flour, and seed?
Are there currently any distribution outlets that are in place for this type of product?
Is anyone in the associated currently doing CO2 extractions, and what capacity are the extractors?
Any info is appreciated. We are looking to launch a pilot project and collaborate with a team to introduce a new varietal of hemp/cannabis hybrid originally bred in Kentucky into France or somewhere else in the EU, with THC under .2% and with an exceptionally high cannabinoid profile.