9. March 2017 Daniel Kruse

Dear EIHA members,
we would like to inform you about some new developments in the board of EIHA:
At the end of last year, Sylvestre Bertucelli, who has made excellent work for EIHA for many years, finished his position at Interchanvre and thus also gave up his position as the deputy president of the president Mark Reinders.
On 16 February 2017, the president of Interchanvre, Dominique Briffaud, announced that he would fill the vacancy on the board with Philippe Heusele (PlanetChanvre), whom we welcome on the board and deputy president. The new elections will be held in December of this year. Then the entire board, president, deputy and treasurer will be elected.
In addition, the Management Board has decided to set up an “advisory committee of EIHA” with experts, which can support the Management Board on difficult issues. We welcome the advisory committee and thank you for your support: Rachele Invernizzi, South Hemp Tecno srl, Dr. Bernhard Beitzke (Consultancy in Chemistry) and Tony Reeves (Hempco Europe Ltd).
Finally I would like to inform you on our special interest groups for regular members only. Here we have in depth discussions on all recent issues such as CBD, THC guidance values for hemp food or hemp fibre quality standards. Become regular member and join the discussions!

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Best Regards
Michael Carus
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