27. June 2007 Daniel Kruse

Dear members of EIHA,
the EIHA executive committee – nova-Institut GmbH – has changed its address and contact information.
The new address is:
nova-Institut GmbH – Chemiepark Knapsack
Mail address: 50351 Hürth
Visitor & parcel address: Industriestraße, 50354 Hürth
Tel +49-(0)2233-48 14 40 (office)
Fax +49-(0)2233-48 14 50
email: michael.carus@eiha.org
Best regards,
Cezar Pendarovski
nova-Institut GmbH
P.S. Changes in the text are made on 28.06.07. In imprint you can also find the contact information of nova-Insitut GmbH.