18. May 2018 Daniel Kruse

Hi there,
I’m behind the Manx Hemp Campaign and I’m writting to you to request as much information as you can with regards to growing industrial hemp and the processing of the plant for all known uses. Any further help that you think may assist our campaign would be greatly received.
We on the campaign team are currently working towards raising awareness and educating people of the benefits of hemp agriculture. We are only a small team consisting of a sheep farmer and a part time sheep farmer! I’m sure you are aware of the mamouth  task ahead in all we need sort to get our government to look at and review the current legislation with regards to hemp. The Isle of Man is currently in the 0.1% of countries where hemp is still illegal! We aim the change this!
The support for the campaign so far has been amazing. We are only in the very early stages yet. Our E petition has over 1,000 signatures and we have recently been in contact with a member of the government to ask for advise and support for the campaign. He so far seems interested to help.
We genuinely do need all the help and support so we can build a solid proposal. Any information you have would be greatly received. Here is a link to our online petition: https://www.change.org/p/howard-quayle-grant-manx-farmers-a-license-for-growing-hemp
I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
Kind regards
Pippa Byrne
Pippa Clare Byrne <pippaclareb@gmail.com>