11. March 2009 Daniel Kruse

Dear EIHA Member
We are writing to tell you about the Association’s success in Brussels at the end of last year.
Our Hemp Industry was threatened by impending legislation to end the processing aid on Hemp fibre. Furthermore Brussels intended to continue to pay aid to the Flax Industry which would have led to huge inequality between the two fibres.
Following hard lobbying and importantly recognition of EIHA in Brussels we have been successful in the continuation of support until Harvest 2011 when the whole scheme will end.
All Hemp processors this year will be increasing their growing area. Normally this would be good news but in this time of economic crisis the sale of Hemp products, particularly fibre, will become a real marketing challenge.
Instead of an individual approach to potential markets we intend to organise a unified and coordinated marketing plan under the umbrella of EIHA. All processors are invited to join this marketing campaign. Please contact Michael Carus for details (michael.carus@eiha.org).
We look forward to seeing you in Wesseling in May: www.eiha.org/conf6th
Best regards
John Hobson and Michael Carus