29. March 2016 Daniel Kruse

Dear EIHA,
I wanted to ask you a couple of general questions.  I represent a number of Indian First Nations in Canada who have thousands of hectares of farmland.  They are interested in engaging in hemp production and are also interested in the derivative products such as CBD oil and other uses of the fiber.  The First Nations I represent want me to explore any joint ventures with European hemp producers and manufacturers of hemp by-products.  As the European market seems much more mature relative to Canada and the United States, we believe that there is much we can learn from the experience of European hemp producers and manufacturers.  We see the benefits we can bring to the table with any such partner as access to 50,000 hectares of farmland, capital and access to North American markets.  First Nation people in Canada also enjoy many advantages in terms of government policy than non-First Nation entities.  The Canadian government is fully prepared to support many First Nations, as their level of unemployment is upwards of 50%.  Therefore, we believe that for a European company we can help them gain access to the Canadian and U.S. markets, thus creating mutually-beneficial relationships.  For example, we have discovered hemp can be used in Hempcrete and building materials….this is a business opportunity that would potentially create jobs and wealth for First Nations people, and profits for the European partner(s)
In any event Johannes, if you can think of companies or someone who may be interested in our offer of joint venture partnerships, please let know and I will be happy to speak with them.
Best Regards,
Kevin Durst