26. March 2018 Daniel Kruse

Aloha Dominik,
One of my interests is to work and travel, As an Italian cityzen im allowed to work on the EU. This is very interesting for me because is my first time in Europe and Im willing to find a job on the hemp industry and stay.
What can you recommend from this starting point. I dont have direct experience with hemp, but i have worked in the cannabis industry for 3 years. Also worked on fruit growing farms and plant nurserys around the world. Im a self tought herbalist ( im always learning about herbs and their practical and medicinal uses). I got a design certificate from the Geoff Lawton Permaculture Research Institute of Australia. Plus I studied Public Relations as a degree.
I want to be part of this industry. The first days of August im arriving to Germany and staying indefinitely, so Im looking for a job opportunity if that is possible. Dont mind where about in Europe. Im available for a phone interview or a coffe talk when ever.
I was not very happy to find out that the European Industrial Hemp Association Event is not matching my arrival to Germany. Because my guess was, to be part of this kind of event is very beneficial for someone like me that is looking for a job on the industry.
Dominik thank you very much for your time, and hope hear from you soon.
PDF download of the CV: Valentin Grasso