13. February 2018 Daniel Kruse

The state of Israel is about to begin a pilot of Hemp growth for the production of Hemp seeds. The pilot will be considered a success if they will prove economic value for the production of Hemp.
I contacted Chanan Bazak – a manager in the Agricultural extension service of Israel, who is in-charge on the Hemp pilot.
I suggested to Chanan to use the pilot also for the production of Hemp hurds to be used in the building industries. He asked me to set up an appointment with him to explain the benefits of using Hemp hurds in building and the process required.
I don’t have the knowledge about Hemp production, so I would like to ask you if you can help on this matter?
Do you know of current Hemp production companies who would like to participate in this pilot? I think it can be an opportunity to enter the Israely market, and connect with one of the leading countries in agriculture technologies.
Best Regards,
Yanir Davidzada
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