24. August 2006 Daniel Kruse

Dear Board of Directors,
in our 1. General Meeting last year (minutes) the members decided, that the nova-Institut GmbH will receive 6.000 € for being the executive committee in 2006 (plus travelling costs).
Now is the question, how to transfer the money.
1) nova writes an invoice to EIHA. BUT: In this case nova have to put German turnover tax on the invoice and EIHA will loose the turnover tax.
2) EIHA gives nova a donation – not for being the executive committee – but for hemp and natural fibres research. In this case, EIHA will pay 6.000 € and no turnover tax.
I would prefer No 2. Cesare Tofani has already a donation letter, he can sign. But of course we need a YES or NO from the board of directors (John Hobson, Bernd Frank, Cesare Tofani) to do this.
So please make a new posting in the notice board and give a short answer/comment. How we handle this in 2007 we can discuss at the next General Meeting.
Best regards
Michael Karus
Managing Director