1. February 2019 Daniel Kruse

Dear EIHA members,
We would like to invite you to the Extraordinary 25th General Meeting on 8 March 2019, 9:30 – 18:00 at the Wöllhaf Conference Centre of Cologne-Bonn Airport, Germany.
There are five items on the agenda:
1) Assessment of the Votes & keeper of the minutes
2) Election of four board members
At the last board election at the general meeting at the end of 2017, a block election was held. In order to create fully legal security here, four new board members are to be elected (individually) again and to be registered officially. While Mark Reinders, Daniel Kruse and Bernd Frank are 100% legal in the commercial register, the remaining four board members are legally uncertain: Daniela Sfrija, Rachele Invernizzi, Boris Banas and Philippe Heusele. All four stand for individual election at the meeting. Further candidates are welcome and should send their candidature to Dominik Vogt at least one week before the General Meeting to prepare the voting papers.
In November 2019, all board members will be elected at the plenary meeting in the usual rhythm.
3) Amendments to the Statutes
Amendments to the Statute of the Association were adopted at the last General Meeting. These have now been notarial audited and drawn up by the notary. You will find the old and the updated statute (16-08-11-EIHA-statutes-update-2016, 19-02-01 EIHA-statutes-update-2019) , all changes are marked. The general meeting must vote on the new statutes.
4) Novel Food
How to act on CBD and Novel Food after the latest official decisions? The general meeting needs to decide on how EIHA further defends the position of three tiers CBD levels and natural low-level CBD content is food (not novel) as well as other options. The dual strategy could/should be:
– EIHA further on defends the position of three tiers CBD levels and natural low-level CBD content is food (not novel).
– EIHA simultaneously forms a stakeholder group, collects the budget (ca. 200.000 – 250.000 EUR incl. studies) from members (in advance) and engages a professional NF-application company to apply for NF (e. g. for 4-5% CBD content food supplements). The general meeting needs to decide on this.
5) Additional topics
Additional topics form the members are welcome!
Please register to the Extraordinary 25th General Meeting here: https://eiha.org/general-meeting/registration
Registration will be closed by end of February.
Kind regards,
Dominik Vogt
Executive Office of EIHA
P.S.: Details on the location
Venue: Wöllhaf Conference Center (https://woellhaf-airport-konferenz.de/en/unsere-standorte/cologne-bonn/), Köln Bonn Airport, Terminal 1, Ebene/Level 3, Kennedystraße, 51147 Köln/Cologne, Germany. (Part of the airport Cologne/Bonn: https://www.cologne-bonn-airport.com/en.html)