10. October 2018 Daniel Kruse

Dear hempy friend,
Cannabis policies are getting transformed in several countries around the world. Businesses are springing up and people are getting excited about the possibilities of application of this mighty plant. However, international regulations for trading cannabis products are limited, as Commission on Narcotic Drugs, organ of the United Nations still considers cannabis type 1 drug (without medical value).
Since your company already benefits from this plant, we are asking you to support us and our work. The time for you to take on a corporate sustainable responsibility could not be any better than now. We lobby United Nations Commission of Narcotic Drugs to deschedule cannabis as a type 1 drug.
Each industry around the world has its lobbyists, which fight for better conditions and interests of companies like yours.
FAAAT is an independent nonprofit, and the only lobby group, which has continuously pushed for legalization of cannabis on international level and educating the decision-makers since 2014. FAAAT has managed to push the World Health Organisation to review cannabis and the outdated regulations limiting the potential of both individuals and companies to grow.
One of the most important events of this year is the International Cannabis Policy Conference organized by FAAAT, which will be held in Vienna, December 7th – 9th 2018, nextdoor to the United Nations HQ. The conference takes place at the same time as the Commission of Narcotic Drugs meeting, which FAAAT regularly participates in. The conference consists of a side event, which will launch the Report on Cannabis Policies & Sustainable Development to the delegates of the UN member countries, two days of international expert Conferences, and an International Awards of sustainable cannabis and hemp businesses.
Now is the historic moment to do evaluation of the potential of cannabis plant applied in the way of the Sustainable Development Agenda and framework of UN.
This event is an unprecedented opportunity to mainstream Cannabis policy reform, in a place where top cannabis investors, entrepreneurs, researchers and policy-makers from reformist countries will gather.
Become part of this historical moment! Click on the links below to engage:
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