4. October 2007 Daniel Kruse

Dear EIHA-members,
we want to invite all EIHA-members to the
3. Ordinary General Meeting of the “European Industrial Hemp Association”
Place: EuroMedia Hotel in Huerth (where also the EIHA-conference will take place)
Date: Sunday, 18. November 2007, 18:00 – 22:00 (including dinner)
!! ATTENTION: The particpant registration for the next EIHA-conference (19.-20. November) is running very well. Already 50 hemp experts registered – only another 40 persons can register. If You want to participate, please register very soon – and don’t forget to book your room in the Conference Hotel! Link to the 5th EIHA-conference

Looking back

  • Report on EIHA actions in 2007 – which actions was planned and which actions are done
  • Report of the member and financial situation of EIHA
  • Discharge of the Board of Directors and the Managing Director

Looking forward

  • Election of the new Board of Directors
  • Election of the new Executive Committee/Managing Director
  • Guidelines and Focus of EIHA activities in 2008
    In this context for example:
  • Next EIHA conference (When? Where?)
  • Getting new EIHA-members – benefits for members? (all question about hemp business are only transfered to EIHA-members, reduced fee for EIHA-conference, free access to the EIHA database, involved in all recent discussions …)
  • EIHA presentation – visit in Brussel
  • Cooperation with FAO – Year of Natural Fibres 2009
  • New constraints and options for hemp – increasing agriculture price levels
  • End of Life Vehicle Directive

Training EIHA-database

  • How to use the data?
  • How to use the system for internal discussions?
  • How to update company and country information?

Please let us know – via notice board or email – who will join the meeting!
If you have more topics for the agenda, please let us know!
Best regards
Michael Carus
Managing Director EIHA