1. March 2015 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of the EIHA,
Hana Gabrielová invites you to the Medical cannabis conference in Prague 4th-7th March.
Please find more information in the text and the attached files below.
Best Regards,
Johannes Zingsheim
Hi dears,
I am sending you the invitation for the medical cannabis conference in Prague which take place next week in Prague.
Here you can find the full final version of the program
Important information is that for all patient organization and also cannabis social clubs is the fee for conference only 1/9 of total fee which means something around 9 EUR
If you are interesting to come please register your self directly here
During the conference we would like to make the first official meeting of patient organizations from around the world and invite them for the foundation of the First International Medical Cannabis Patient Organization.
Please if you can send this information around, that all the interesting people can get to know about it.
Looking forward to meet some of you there.
Kind regards
p.s. if someone need to help with accommodation in Prague and something else regarding this event please don’t hesitate to ask…

Hana Gabrielová
HEMPOINT, s.r.o.
Nová dimenze konopí
B. Smetany 16, Č. Budějovice
email: office@hempoint.cz
telefon: 777 027 012
skype: jarmilkas2127
FCB: www.facebook.com/hempoint
ESHOP: www.veci-z-konopi.cz
WEBS: www.hempoint.cz