16. April 2014 Daniel Kruse

Dear Member of the EIHA,
We would like to invite you to the 15th General Meeting of the “European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)”!
Hotel am Rhein, Auf dem Rheinberg 2, 50389 Wesseling, Wesseling, Germany
20 May 2014, 7 pm (including dinner).
1. Status report on EIHA and Hemp
2a. EIHA activities in 2014
– Status of policy in Brussels concerning CAP, Bio-based Expert Group & Bioeconomy Panel (case study) and more (Michael Carus, John Hobson, Sylvestre Bertucelli)
– EIHA representation / liaison at CEN TC 411 (Michael Carus)
– new business cards & EIHA note paper
– new EIHA leaflet
– new web page www.eiha.org with WordPress system
– Update of fibre price data
– Updated list of automotive customers & Hemp insulation (Michael Carus)
– Trend reports from Europe and the memberstates
2b. Trade fairs and conferences, marketing support in 2014
– Int. Business Directory for Innovative Bio-Based Plastics and Composites (iBIB2014/15)
– Booth at the 7th International Conference on Bio-based Materials 2014
3. Financial report of the EIHA & exclusion of non paying members
4. New activities – to discuss
– Lobbying activities in Brussels: next steps
– Natural Fibres in the Automotive Industry – results from the last nova survey (Michael Carus)
– Political issue of THC in the EU for oilseed hemp
– EFSA: THC in feed & food
– Guideline on THC limits
– Quality label and guideline for organic hemp seeds
– New THC regulations
– THC measurement methodology
– Life cycle assessment of hemp fibre production and hemp products in Europe – including comparison to other natural fibres (Michael Carus)
– Booth at the Composite Europe, Sept. 2014
– Booth at the 8th International Conference on Bio-based Materials 2015
– Sustainability certification for Hemp Fibres and other raw materials, ISCC or RSB
Please let us know – via notice board (www.eiha.org) or email – who is going to attend the meeting!
Other proposals for the agenda are welcome. Please submit your proposals till 15 May at the latest.
Best regards,
John Hobson
(President of EIHA)
Michael Carus
(Managing Director of EIHA)
Dominik Vogt
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