5. November 2006 Daniel Kruse

Brian Moir, FAO, wrote in an email from 2. November 2006:
Dear Mr Karus,
You will recall that at the meeting on the International Year of Natural Fibres in Rome in April of this year there was discussion about the formulation of a communication plan which would guide planning through the next two years for activities in 2009. Henrik Kuffner of the International Wool Textile Organisation and Terry Townsend of the International Cotton Advisory Committee indicated that they would be prepared to put some money into this. Proposals were obtained from two companies, which I attach.
Nothing further was done at that time. However, now that the UN declaration is near – I hope that the International Year of Natural Fibres 2009 will be formally declared in New York within the next few weeks – we are reviving interest in having a plan developed. The Communication Plan will identify communication themes appropriate to the natural fibres, and thus provide a basis on which to build plans for the Year.
The two proposals obtained are now 6 months old and might need revision. Perhaps other companies could be approached. The total cost appears likely to be between USD 30 000 and USD 50 000. The International Cotton Advisory Committee and the International Wool Textile Organisation would contribute to this, and FAO also could make a contribution, on behalf of the jute and hard fibres industries.
I hope that the flax and the hemp industries might also be able to contribute to the development of this plan, both to help spread the cost as widely as possible and to ensure that the interests of all natural fibre industries receive full consideration. Would you please consider the possibility of your organisation joining in this initial exercise.
Let us engage in any further discussion you feel is necessary.
My best wishes to you,
Brian Moir
file: iwto_fibre_final.pdf
file: Gigot_Proposal_for_IYNF.doc
P.S.: Also attached draft resolution on “International Year of Natural Fibres”:
file: N0656290.pdf