2. March 2017 Daniel Kruse

Dear EIHA member,
I would like to ask whole hemp community to support it the statement regarding the international legislation for hemp. This statement was presented by myself at last meeting of NGO Vienna CND committee meeting called Post-UNGASS.
I will be present at the next CND meeting which will take place from 13th-18th of March and would like to distribute this statement there to all the delegates with as much as signed supporters and companies to show them how big hemp community is 🙂
For your support is only need to send the logo and name of you company or your name to following contacts. The deadline of send your support is 12th March.
If you have any questions please contact:
Hana Gabrielová
hanka@hempoint.cz 00420 777 027012
Thanks for your interest and help share this information.
Hana Gabrielová | CEO
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